About Us

Hi and welcome to www.auctionsghana.com, Ghana’s online market place that you allows you to BID, BUY & SELL

We at Senkwa Ltd are very excited about our online market place which seeks to become the ebay of Ghana. We have looked at the ever growing trend of online shopping in Ghana as it takes root and have decided that such a platform is needed not only to foster secure online business but also to bring Ghanaian’s quality products at rock bottom prices.

So unlike our competitors we aim to drive prices down by:

  1. offering our own quality low priced products and services
  2. encourage businesses to engage in auction selling in order to offer opportunities for low prices on quality goods to be bought by buyers
  3. generate income for individuals and businesses who use our platform for business

Prior to launching this site, we have operated the business since 2017 when we tried our first pilot services to test the market. We have thus secured warehousing to house a range of products sourced and shipped from UK, as we want to try and avoid the trend of buying cheap from China and selling at top prices in Ghana. So we are about QUALITY UP…PRICE DOWN.

We are what you can describe as an auction warehouse. Thus we run end of the month auctions on the last Saturday of each month out of our warehouse located in Lakeside Estate Accra [please refer to our location information/download or call/email the office for further information on our exact location].

We welcome new users who can register for free to browse items on our platform, download our app and interact with business people on our platform. To be able to do business as in BID BUY or SELL you would have to register as a full member for GHC20 to cover your membership number, card etc. Please note our members enjoy various benefits such as coupons, business advice, business seminars and much more. Your initial membership fee covers you for a period of 6 months after which you renew to remain an active member. We have other tiers of membership with a range of benefits.

So we look forward to seeing you do business on our platform.


About Us